Seth Pharos (sethpharos) wrote in fm_alchemist,
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Episode 9.. Spoilers?

I just finished watching ep 9 ^__________________^!!! The necklace lady is sucha slutty bitch! Whats her name again, Ryla? XD!! Lol.. yeah :/ found her to be, somewhat ignorant, perhaps its cuz she's under the employ of Mr Yoki ^_~?? I'm sure he pretty much influenced her and used her innocence, which I saw a bit by her determination to serve the military...
And I'm guessing its now the end of the flashbacks ^_~??

Btw just to ask,, Ryla wasn't in the manga right? I don't remember her at all.. hmm they might've put her in the anime, just to show more variations of alchemy plus some action ^_^!

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