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Two posts in one day. I'm on a roll!

Title: Planet of the FMApes Pt 2
Author: terrierlee
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Camiella is now in the FMA world! But will she meet her fantasy?
Note: This fic is a joke. It is not to be taken seriously.

Planet of the FMApes Part One

When Camiella awoke, she noticed she was no longer in her room but in the middle of a road. The rock that she had been holding had vanished. But dear Camiella did not seem to notice the rock was missing. She sat up and looked around.

It was Amestris! More specifically, it was East City!

Camiella stood up and started to walk into a random direction. She hit a pole, let us all thank Moofy.

She rubbed her cheek as tears stained her eyes. Where was Ed? He would usually show up by now! She continued to walk. Still no sign of Edward Elric.

Her stomach started to demand food when she came upon a mansion. It was huge. It was beautiful!

It sparkled?

She shrugged, and walked towards the door. She lifted a hand to knock, but before she could do so, the door opened, showing a big, muscle-bound man with a blond curl at the top of his head. He sparkled.

Camiella shielded her eyes. "Um hel--"

"Welcome to the Armstrong mansion! It has been in the Armstrong family for generations! Come! Have dinner with us! It looks as though you walked through the great desert from Xing to find this pace!" He grabbed her arm and hauled her into the gigantic house.

Camiella had no clue who this man was, but he sure did remind her of someone. Who was it?

The man dragged Camiella into a giant living room, sitting on one of the many couches was a young woman, with long blonde hair, sipping some tea. She looked up at them and smiled. She radiated with sparkles.

"Well hello there brother, who is this you have with you?"

"A Xingian it seems. Won't talk. Freya, will you please take her to get cleaned up for dinner?"

The young woman, Freya, nodded and set down her cup. She stood and took hold of Camiella's hand. "Come dear, we must go to make you more presentable."

With that, Camiella was dragged away once more to one of the many Armstrong bathrooms.


"Oh brother! We have returned!"

"Wonderful! I have dinner all set! Come! Bring the guest to her chair!"


The last hour had flown by for Camiella. While in the bathroom, Freya had talked about the long lineage of the Armstrong family and all of their techniques. She didn't remember even half of them.

One thing Camiella DID remember was Freya's brother's name. Who names their kids Lance?

Ah well, Camiella thought, Lance isn't as hot as Ed.

Plates were brought out and laid in front of Camiella. Plates upon plates. She wasn't sure she could eat all that food. Camiella took a glance at the two people who invited her in. They were inhaling the food in like pigs. She gulped as she looked at the food in front of her again. She couldn't even tell what it was!

Gingerly, she picked up a fork and took a bite out of one of the plates. She blinked. It tasted good. With a squealful glee, she drove into her food.

Lance looked up from his plate and stole a glance at his sister. She returned the glance. Both nodded before resuming to their meal.

"So." Camiella wiped her mouth with her sleeve. "Do you guys know of an Edward Elric?"

She received blank faces.

"Um... The Fullmetal Alchemist?"

Lance Armstrong blinked before staring at Camiella. "How do you know about the famous Fullmetal Alchemist?"

Camiella blinked in return, before grinning like mad. "So I am in Amestris! I knew it!" She clapped in glee. "So where is he?" She asked in pure innocence.

Freya gave a worried look to her brother. "Deary... He's not here." She tried to tell the over joyous girl.

"Oh, so where is he?" Camiella, by this time, was bouncing in her seat.

"Camiella sweetie..." Freya tried to reason with the poor girl who was to be used fo--I mean, the poor Mary Sue. Yes.

Lance gave a small cough. "I don't think you understand Miss Camiella..."

Camiella grinned at Lance. "I understand! Ed isn't here! So that must mean that he's somewhere else! It's okay! Thank you for the meal!" She hopped out of her chair and ran to Lance. She gave him a huge hug and did the same to Freya.

"Thank you ever so much! When I see Ed, I'll tell him of how nice you were to me!" She giggled at the thought of meeting Ed. He would be shocked at her beauty and instantly fall in love with her.

Oh how she couldn't wait for that moment!

As she approached the front door, and force stopped her as she reached for the knob.

"I'm sorry Miss Camiella." It was Freya. Camiella turned back to look at the two siblings.

"What are you sorry for?"

Lance looked at Camiella and she felt a scary feeling creep over her. The sentence that Lance then said made her world fall crumbling down around her.

"The Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric... is dead."

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