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fic: Planet of the FMApes

Title: Planet of the FMApes
Author: terrierlee
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Camiella is your average Mary Sue stuck in the FMA world. But not all is what it appears to be.
Note: This is meant to be a joke. And besides, I did my homework and the next chapter will be more entertaining.

The night was young for Camiella Willowpeaches. Yes, for she had just finished watching the latest episode of Fullmetal Alchemist. It was the episode where Ed and Al went to Rush Valley.

Camiella sighed happily as she thought of Ed. She was the biggest FMA fan in her own town. No one else liked it as much as her. The boys in her school loved her, as she was young, beautiful, daring, sexy, pretty, smart, witty, strong, and she had long blonde hair with brown highlights that showed off her dazzling sky blue eyes.

Camiella sighed again, as her teacher droned on about whatnot that she didn't care about. She doodled a picture of herself, waltzing to Edward. She thought of next week's episode. Something about a black haired woman. Camiella grimaced as she thought of the woman's hair. Who wears dreadlocks anymore?

Camiella fingered her braided hair. Yes, she had her hair in a braid, just like Ed. Too bad she doesn't know he ditches the braid at the end of the series. Camiella also wore black clothes and a red coat. Sadly, her parents wouldn't let her put the flamel on the back of her coat. They said it was demonic.

Camiella swore under her breath. What do her parents know? Ed's parents are gone! She wished she was with Ed right now, so she could comfort him. All Ed had was an annoying brother who was a robot.

Camiella's teacher droned on and on, but still she did not listen. She continued to doodle her picture of her and Ed waltzing. And for some odd reason, Butou was playing in her head. Without Camiella knowing, she ended up drawing that pink-banged woman from the first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist. She sneered as she realized who she drew. That stupid bitch was whiny and didn't listen to Ed! It was blasphemy!

The bell rung and Camiella sighed. She wished she could end up in the FMA world. Just the thought made her pants squee in delight.

As she went to her house cause this is a normal Mary Sue fic so I don't have to tell you HOW she got somewhere. Nifty scene changes without you knowing. Sweet, huh? She went to her computer and started to sign onto AIM. Course, she had no friends offline that had computers so she had over a billion friends online. Of course, this means she can get killed a billion times.

She surfed the net looking for new Ed fanarts. She found a trillion. Her pants squee'd some more. She uploaded her drawing that she drew during class. She sighed contently as she finished her daily doings.

When Camiella saw that all of her normal doings were done, she started writing a story. It featured herself and Edward. Most of the scenes were lemons but it's not like anyone would ever read her story. It was for her pleasure only.

She was getting to a really steamy part of her fic when a shatter brought her attention to a broken window. She blinked, looked at the floor, and saw a rock with a piece of paper next to it.

She bent down and took hold of the piece of paper.

It read, "Dear Person Who Found This Rock:

Congrats! You have gotten The Magical Rock *scratched out*!!

Whatever you wish will come true! But choose wisely on what you want to wish for.

Sincerely, *scratched out*"

Camiella squealed in delight. A magical rock that can grant her any wish! She held the rock close and shut her eyes.

I wish that I was in the FMA world.

The next thing she knew, she was dead to the world.
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