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Völuspá: A Really Impressive Fanfic, A Really Insistant Recc!

Not a lot of you know who I am, but please indulge me as I pimp out the final chapters of my friend anax's most recent and possibly singularly most impressive fanstory to date, Völuspá.

This is an AU, NC-17 slash story that involves Roy and a homunculus named Lust. Post-series, in a kind of twisty sort of way, but there are absolutely no movie spoilers.

Brief summary: Roy has grown older, and is grappling with an old sadness as he engages in his latest military campaign. He lives in a brave but tired world of regrets. For this life he has found a companion of sorts, but is that enough to help him overcome the guilt plaguing his heart?

When it comes to fanfiction, I'm notoriously picky. People who know me, know that I am in inveterate Scar fangirl and would rather re-read Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore than look at even the most fantastic fanfiction that does not involve my crackpot OTP. But this story is definitely an exception. Even setting aside my friendship to anax and whatever bias that might lend me, I think this is one of his most astonishing accomplishments as a writer. From beginning to end, the story thrills me and crumbles my heart in the most deliciously descriptive ways. The plot is anything but boilerpot: anax has created a kind of adventure-mystery under the guise of porn.

Yes, there is porn. I'm not going to recommend this story to people under the age of 17 for that reason. But when I say "porn," all I really mean is explicit sexual content. That does not describe, however, the artistry and emotional resonance of even the steamiest scenes, however... imagine Michaelangelo's David. Pretty hot, but also sublime. This is kind of the same.

If you are interested, please follow this link, or go browse through the fma_7sins community's recent posts. From the latest chapter you will find all of the previous chapters linked, for easy reference. Anyone who is looking for a new kind of Fullmetal Alchemist fan story is urged to check it out.

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