Kao-chan (kao_sama) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Questions about Frank Archer

I'm trying to write a fanfic with him but there's a lot of things I can't remember -_-; (and I can't find any good summary >_<)

I'm more interested in the character before he went crazy and turned into a terminator ^-^; So

- do we see him before Hughes's death ? What was his rank before he took his place ? (I vaguely remember him talking with Mustang, was he a colonel ? °-°)

- what does he know about Al ? Does he know he's only a soul ? (by the way, who know that exactly ? All the members of the Mustang gang ?)

- I can't determine if he really is a bad guy, what do you think ? I mean, he loves too much war and he is crazy but if I remember correctly, he got enough tact not to talk about Hughes's death to Ed & Al. I was really surprised about that. Maybe he just really don't care, so there were no point for him in mentioning it but still, he took his place, why wouldn't he say why ? *_*

I think I had more but I forgot. This character is really strange, I just didn't get any of his actions and no matter how many times I re-watch FMA, I'm always too much focused on the main characters to pay attention to Archer XP (and I feel like he was not necessary at all to the story...)

I feel like I forgot everything ;_;


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