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what you always (never) wanted to know about ROY + special bonus: anime's future

agnes: Wahaa, euroteasisters prepared another awesome gift for you XD

piyo: It's doujinshi pages showing Roy some of his everyday-life situations XD

agnes:, daydreaming, daily puking, and molesting his workers...

piyo: Drooling,.. XDD ..and imagining himself as pimp

agnes: Jealous about Greed, eh XD. And for puking, there's only one logical explanation...he probably suffers from bulimia.

piyo: Aww poor Roy darling.. but for him this seems to be the only way to finally loose some weight and get more popular.. so that he doesn't have to only IMAGINE things like that or molest his workers anymore. I bet they would be happy too if he'd finally stop.

agnes: Yeah, and he has to be quite light to have some joy from his favorite entertainment...getting smashed <3. But on to the content, here you have the supreme doujin scans from one of the best Japanese fma artists <3 <3:

Roy's sickness
Roy's weakness
Roy's dream

To get rest of the scans, please contact us for bank account number where you can send the money. Holy seme worshippers in rank of high priest get porn fma for free.

piyo: ...and while we're at it, we'd also like to introduce you to the anime's future
(sponsored by the european union *yes we have too much money*)

piyo: Imagine Ed WOULD have used the prisoners to transmute the philosophers stone-- since we Europeans have no moral code, he will do so in our version (starting next month)

agnes: ...but are you really so sure Ed can do such difficult task by himself? What if he fails and the experiment goes out of control?

piyo: Right! What if he is able to transmute a stone, but that stone is not working properly. And what if people don't notice that the stone is not working properly right away ?!

agnes: We get an Elric Uroboro, man! A perfect being created from merging of 3 Uroboros and 2 alchemist brothers.

piyo: NO WAY !! --a really supreme being. With amazing skills and talents. Like it can stretch it's fingers, eat everything, change form freely and has superior knowledge of alchemy too-- and some metal parts to make it look more funky—XD

agnes: And what's even better, it can shift it's personality depending on situation too! All the best from our 5 beloved characters. But if they all become one, what's the new goal of the series? Who's the enemy?

piyo: Yeah.. Who can face someone as almighty as the Elric Uroboro (= EU.. Hey, you think we spend our money on an anime without getting anything back ?! It's our new MASCOT man!)

agnes: Of course it could only be colonel Roy Mustang ( his masochistic nature makes him face the ultimate power that is EU ). But can he handle this alone? NO. He needs help from someone whom he had a longer relationship before, and knows he can rely on...

piyo: And you guessed right folks.. it's SCAR! Yes! (we support ethnic minorities-- so story changed in order to fullfill the rule of having at least 50% of the heros played by ethnic minorities in any Television show)

agnes: ( minorities have the right to live too, man! ) Yes, but they both alone aren't enough...they have to merge their alchemic and anti-alchemic skills in order to defeat ( they wish ) the god-like EU.

piyo: So SCAROY was born! A man with his only mission being to kill EU-- To protect the world ?! --maybe. To get more fangirls ?! --more likely.

agnes: Yeah, with the power of Roy's and Scar's fangirls combined, he ( thinks he ) has a chance. Because think for a matter what, EU will have more fans.

piyo: Sure EU will..! Think what adorable people merged to create it. I'd side with EU immediately-- you not ?!

agnes: Okay, EU fanclub details later. For now, we present you few concept artworks from European version of FMA continuation - the EU vs Scaroy volume.

piyo: So people, look forward to this GREAT show that will change the face of televison forever..! Anything left to say ?! Otherwise euroteasisters say Bye and Goodnight--! This was a live report from EU headquarters in Brussels/Belgium.
(this time EU being European Union-- but who knows people, who knows..)

agnes: PS. We also request help in finding a prisoner that escaped just recently from our headquarters. His name is B.Brody. He looks bad, rides a pink M.Mustang, and is very dangerous. Any help is appreciated by EU officials.

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