amikitty (amikitty) wrote in fm_alchemist,

3rd FMA PS2 Game Screenshots

I was browsing though serveral chinese and japanese FMA forum and found someone has posted screenshots of 3rd FMA PS2 game from the beginning to end.

Spoiler Warning! 3rd FMA game ending:

Click here to go to the actual post with screenshots:

Just in case you miss it, there's a obsure link to a screenshot of boxer!Ed tied up in the same post:

By the way, please keep the Mary-Sue bashing to a minimum. I really don't want to see 5+ pages of nothing but "OMG! SOPHIE SUX!" comments. -_-; I know we don't like Mary-Sues, but I want this thread to focus on other aspects of the game. *points to Ed in his boxers*

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