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Um...Can someone explain....

*paws at people* Can someone help me by answering some of meh curious questions?

1)One big thing has been irking me. What is going on between Edo and Al Heiderich? I know they are research partners and Al is ill. But what is they're relationship? Brother-like like how Ed and Al Elric were? Just study buddies? Best best friends? Or even yaoi gay couple? I'm very curious and it's eating at me inside I must know it!

2) In a bunch of the Jap anime mags I got with movie stuff shows the soldier people in the snow. Where are they? Our world or Alchemy world? Russia...Drachma perhaps? Roy's coat looks SO gay...Gay pirate eskimo...XD....

3) I heard Envy eats Hohenheim...so what becomes of Envy? Does he die? Become a good guy?....?

4) When exactly does Edo's automail change from being Crap Munich Lawnmower thing to his normal Winry automail?

5)............What exactly happens between Ed and Winry?

Im just freakin curious! And I dont mind spoilers! Actually spoilers make me even MORE eager to see the movie! *goes back to searching for the FMA movie desperately all over Bittorrent..so far hasnt even found a CAM raw...-_-;;*


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