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Questions about FMA Movie.

I have a few questions about FMA movie with wasn't mentioned or not clearified in any of movie summaries. Please DO NOT answer if you HAVE NOT seen the movie! I mean it!

1) Whatever happened to Rudolf Hess and Karl Haushofer in the movie? Did they stay behind while the Thule Society army invades the FMA!world? or did they just fade into the background during the progression of the movie? I know that the real life, Hess became Hitler's deputy in the Nazi Party and died in prison in 1987. While Haushofer and his wife committed suicide in 1946.

2) When Ed (and Al) returned to our world, was the fighting between the Thule Society army and Amerestris army still continuing? or did Thule Society army got wiped out beforehand?

3) Did the movie ever explained how Ed got the new artifical limbs in our world? Did he build it?

4) Did the movie ever explained how Ed and Alter!Al met?

[EDIT] More Questions. >_>;
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