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WARNING! Please read.

I hope this isn't too OT, but I feel it affects FMA fans in a way. Regarding the FMA chibis at the Amestris Adoption Agency, it has come to my attention that someone has been claiming the artwork as theirs and selling them as bookmarks for a profit. This girl has been named as Frances Liu, a 13 year old residing in San Jose, California. The notice was sent to me by someone who was under the impression that Frances had drawn the chibis (as she boasted), until the person happened upon the Adoption Agency.

Now, first of all, I am NOT going to take down the site, so rest assured, your chibis are safe. ^___^;; However, I would ask that people be aware of this and not be taken in by ANYONE claiming to have drawn them and are SELLING them for profit. These chibis were drawn just for the love of FMA and for fans to enjoy. If I ever decide to market them as bookmarks (which I doubt will be anytime soon, if ever), a notice will be posted on the main site. Till then, any reproductions you see for sale are wholly unauthorised by me (Cerise art_de_cerise) or my co-webmistress (Kri krichira) and are considered just plain stealing. If too many such reports arise, the most I'll do will probably be watermarking, but we don't want siggys splashed across our favourite characters now, do we? XD

There isn't anything much I can do about her actions, and I'm not going to pull down the site just for some silly little girl. But please, if you see her (or anyone else) attempting to scam someone, call them on it or something. Though it really is up to you. It just annoys me that something we're doing for everyone to share in, is being used in this way. Well, the art-stealing part also annoys me but seeing as there's not much we can do alone, please be aware of this and help raise awareness! >=D

Thanks for reading~! And also to all the 414 (and counting!) people who have signed the registry (eg.guestbook) thus far! I'm really truly sorry to have to break the hiatus in this way. ~>_<~ Also, I hope no one goes around accusing any random person unfortunate enough to be named "Frances Liu" if they're the art-thief. Unless, they claim to be the creator or are selling the bookmarks. In addition, I have been considering the possibility of the claims to be untrue. The last thing I want to do is be a part of someone's personal agenda. So exercise caution with the name here, please! The main thing stressed here is I am not selling the chibis as bookmarks and anyone who does is just plain stealing. =) Thanks for your time. As is usual, FMA luvluv first and foremost! ^___^!!

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