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Images and questions

Gah, it's late, I should be asleep @_@ But enough about that. ^_^ I come bearing requests and guidances from the all-knowing FMA comm. Because you guys rock like that.

I need a couple of images, the first being Izumi. I need a full body shot, perhaps along the lines of a character profile. My friend is cosplaying her and I'm in charge of making the costumes, so I need a breakdown of what Izumi wears. (Referring of course to the long white dress thing and black pants.) I would prefer having a photobucket or imageshack linkout, rather than a picture insert, because my computer is picky about what it wants to save. ^_^

Next is the picture used in this comm's layout, of Ed and Winry in the school uniforms. I saw the picture once but forgot to save it and haven't found it since. @_@ Once again, a linkout would be much preferred.

And lastly, does anyone know if there's a Riza Hawkeye keychain? (My friend reeeally wanted it for her birthday @_@) I'm pretty sure they exist, I remember seeing pictures somewhere, I just need a step in the right direction as to where to find it. ^_^

Any help on these matters is greatly appreciated! Please and thanks, you guys rock! ^_^
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