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To keep things convenient, most of my Anime!Wrath fan art here in one spot.  Mostly plain old general art, some mildly shonen-ai-ish bits. 


Grown Up Wrath-  I did this a long time ago  ^^;;  It really looks nothing like him.  I may try redoing it sometime.  This was also my first attempt at drawing automail, which is why it sucks so badly.  It looks too small for him... maybe he needs to get it upgraded, but he dosen't want to go back to Rizenbul. 

"From this day forward, you're not alone"  -  First appearance of Gaurdian-angel!Envy.  Envy being nice to Wrath is rather OOC, so the lame-o excuse that 'It's not Envy.  It's Envy's good twin angel... thingy!' is easier to lean on than to come up with reasons as to why Envy is cuddling with Wrath and not sticking an axe through his head. 

"Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite" - Second appearance of Gaurdian-angel!Envy.  Garsh, he's such a nice guy!  (Done for Deviant Art Envy-lovers' contest; "Blankets")

Moofy and the Dandelion-  Chibi Moofy, based off one of my drabbles.  This is what happens when I try digital coloring for the second time ever, and use a ten-year old program that was only meant to touch up photos.  -_-;;  Here it is Penciled.

Teenage Al and Wrath Chillin' - In which Wrath looks unnaturally thin and tall- danged growth spurts.  Duo jeans! 

Teenage Al and Wrath- HUG! -  I think it explains itself.  <333 I was too lazy to draw Wrath's other hand.  Use your imagination.

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