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i don't sure if someone posted it already, but, okay. ^^;

sorry, it's in Russian, I made it for a friend, but, here's translation.

Truth's Mom: Truth, I've brought you some aftermeal snacks.
Truth: Uh.. Wait... Mom, could you please knock before coming in?

Book title: Ecchi book
Another one is maths.

Arakawa's comment: Did he has mom?

above Al is "pu pu pi dooh!"

Title: The bastard is back (gift included)

Ed: Aaa! Von Hohenheim!!
You bastard, how you dare to show your face here, after all that you have done?
Hoho-papa: Here, your gift (omiyage) - (porn book, the same Truth was reading). ^_^
(Ed) Father respect bar at MAX!!

Roy: Everyone says, 29, 29. And, you know, I have to say it frankly, I'm 30 already. ^^;

And, Russian one, for Russians. ^_^
- - -
Возвращение подонка (подарок прилагается)

Эд: Аааа! Вон Хоэнхайм!!
Скотина, как ты посмел тут появиться, после всего, что сделал?

Отец: Вот, подарок тебе принес. (Надпись - порнушка - та же, которую читал "Правда")

Эд: (показатель уважения к отцу - максимальный)
- - -


29 лет, 29 лет. А ведь, признаюсь, мне уже 30тник стукнул.

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