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Looking for second opinions. [movie]

I know most people know about it through reading summaries and spoilers, but... I didn't see any overall negative reviews. So I was curious if anyone who had seen it disliked it as much as I did. And for those just looking for reviews... I figured I'd give an differing opinion.

Personally, I absolutly hated the movie. Beyond Al (who was 110% awesome and perfect), and a couple minor characters (Roy, Hiderich, Armstrong)... it was bad. Maybe because the majority of the movie was a bunch of stuff (often dragging in WWII and the nazis) from our world that I just... didn't care about? Most of the movie didn't even feel like it was FMA.

And the animation? Why did they use playstation-style animation, and not do it like the anime? If it's an issue of time, they could have just postponed the movie longer. Especially if that would have prevented the use of computer animation.

Even the music was not even close to being up to par with the anime.

I could only have been more let down if Al hadn't been as awesome as he was.
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