Greg (jkaizer) wrote in fm_alchemist,

About the movie RAW... and a request

I thought I'd say this, as my first look at the community is already flooded with posts about the movie.

Japan is different from America. Here, you can find a cam/screener of a movie the day it comes out. In Japan, it is much different. Very rarely will you actually be able to find a cam/screener.

Most likely, there wasn't be any sort of a RAW for the movie until the DVD comes out, and there isn't a set date for that release. (This is of course assuming that there will be a DVD)

And also, be warned of files that look like they may be the movie.  Before you go spamming a link here, download at least some of it, and take a peak at it.  Last thing we need is for the community to be spammed with posts linking to stuff similar to our Aprils Fools' Joke (For those that weren't around at the time, there was a "screener" torrent uploaded the first of April. Last I checked there was well over 1,000 downloads, and it was porn - the community was spammed with it three times I believe, only for it to end up being porn) There isn't any doubt in my mind that some FmA-hating fool will try to pull the same stunt.

There are people out there that are trying to find a cap, but there isn't anything that can be guarenteed. Hell, the Naruto movie, which also has a very large fandom, didn't get a decent RAW or any subs until the DVD came out. So don't get your hopes up, and please try not to spam the community. I know that I wouldn't want it [to see the community spammed].


But anyways, I'd like to ask here if anyone that did see the movie would be kind enough to give me a summary to use on my site?  I can't see it myself, being a poor Minnesotan boy, but would like to have a summary that I can post at my site. ^^

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