Justine Ysabel Perez (joruri) wrote in fm_alchemist,
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No spoilers la! Just question nya!

Okay so. Movie is finally out! Banzai! Yay. Huzzah!

My brother and I have been planning to vacation to Japan sometime in early August for my bro's b-day. So I told him that we should take the chance to try and see the movie on the big screen, but a thought came up: Will the movie contain english subs like I first heard it would? I'm kinda worried because we've been planning this for a while, and neither me or my brother understand very much of Japanese. And I wanna give him some good news. :D Well, if it doesn't have subs, my bro's gf is gonna have to be one hell of a translator for me. XD ((I am not passing up any chance to see it in the theatre! Subs or not! haha))

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