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short spoilers report


i said it.

i mean it, really.

okay, have fun.

well, short spoilers are okay, because i can't wrote it detailed now, too excited ^^;;;

1) Roy and Ed meet each other, that's for sure, and they're both happy about it (fangirls *_*)
Ed says that eye-patch doesn't suit Roy, and the line "I knew you were alive", from trailer, I thought it was about Hughes, but Roy said it about Ed!! *_*
Well, seeing Roy/Ed/Al together made me "wow *__*, OT3"

2) Hughes is too baka and, more, he's on nazi side in the movie ^^;

3) Ed meets differents guys in "our world", like Lyla and King Bradley. ^_^;;

4) There is Gluttony is the very different form!

5) Hoenheim is alive, for a while, at first ;__; He got killed by snake!Envy, but he says he wanted it. He dies so Ed could go back to his worls (what a father!! *_*)

6) Wrath is there too, and he sacrifices himself to Al go to Ed's world. Wrath is killed by Gluttony. and both of them were trasmuted to open The Gate. Also, Wrath did it to meet mama Izumi. She died too. And, he met her at the Gate. I almost cried ;___;

7) Winry had big case, remember? There were Ed's new automail parts, leg and arm. He said - Hey, I'm growing, and she said - I knew how much you'll grow. So leg and arm fitted perfectly. What is love.
Amd, also, when Ed came back, Winry held him, and he blushed... that was one of the best scenes.
Also, Ed had dream about saying something to Winry, like, it was nice, when he said her name in dream (EdWin fans crying in joy ^_^)

8) Heiderich was ill, so he wanted to make rockets asap, and he sent Ed in his world in the rocket. Heiderich was shotted, and died. ;___;

9) ending spoiler - Ed came back to "our world", and said he'll brake Gates, so no one could cause wars (well, i'll write about basic plot later, okay?). So that's when Al cryed "Nii-san" in trailer.
But, Al came back with Nii-san too, so they live togheter now *_*

10) Omake. Al cut his ponytail, we can see it in the few final frames, and became young version of Hederich, in some sort ^_^;


1) Hughes is on nazi side, but he's no bad.. he's just kind of stupid :))
2) Roy in the snow. Well, Havoc and Farman (??? I forgot who 0_0) and Roy, were somewhere in snowy place, and Havoc wanted to smoke, so Roy tried to fire a match for him, and managed to do it from 4th or 5th try. And then he said that he didn't use alchemy anymore from that day, because it brings death, and still can see died people under his eye-patch ;___; poor thing!!!
3) but when Elkart's army fell into hagaren-world, Roy used alchemy again, and everyone was so delighted (include fangirls there, girls in cinema cried too! ^_^). and Riza said to him - i was waiting for you to come back, in the polite way, well, she's subordinate. She was really happy to see him, but we know, who is in Roy's heart *___*!!! (well, blame me for being Roy/Ed OTP)
4) Armstrong was just great, and got the loudest applause from audience ^_^
5) in the last scene, there is alter!Scar and alter!Lust with him. ^_^
6) Al gets his memory back, once he's back to our world along with Ed.

and, well, this. me after movie ^^;;

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