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Movie Event Report (no spoilers)

I saw it!! ^___^

I was wondeful. I'm definitely going to watch it again!! *___*
Now, I'm in Ginza's Mac shop, writing this, could'nt wait till I'm back home!!

Well, I don't want to spoil it to you right now, so I'll write about event they hold after movie. It was 15 minutes talk with seiyuu. Paku Romi, Kugimiya Rie, Oguri Shun (Heiderich), Sawai Miyu (SailorMoon, uh, I mean, Noah), Kazuko Kato (Dietlinde Eckart) and director. ^_^;
And, of course, no photos allowed ;____;

Romi was just *___* She was the center of the talk, and everyone looked at her before say something. Like, she told about your feeling of movie, like she was waiting for it come out and such, and Rie just said - "I had the same feeling". When Miyu had to talk, Romi-nee said everything instead of her, and Miyu just repeated what Romi said to her. ^__^
Also, Romi said, that when they did afureko (voice over), everyone was so concentrated, so even didn't take cookies she offered them. But, Miyu, she said, you're good girl, so you ate my cookies! ^_^

The best moment, of course, was, when seiyuu got letters panels for photo session, saying something like "in the middle of showing big hit" (don't ask me, I'm poor in both Japanese and English). And, since they had no mics, people from audience sream out different thing s like "Romi-san kawaii!", "Romi-san kakkoi!" and such. And, then, after that, someone yelled - MAME!!!! ^_____^!!!

That was it. And, Romi gave out air kisses when she came out from stage!! *__*

They were different things for sale in the hall before the beginning of the movie, but I didn't buy anything, except pamphlet. I may scan it later. ^_^

Well, it' the one of the happiest days in my life, and I was very touched by movie itself. Guys, believe me, we had to wait for it for so long, it deserves it.
I wonder, how many times I'll go to see it again! ^__^

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