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Ficlet (Fury x Fury...?)

Title: Mirror, Mirror
Author: okami_hu
Rating: R / NC-17
Warning: umm... masturbation, the end might be a little disturbing
Character focus: Cain Fury
Disclaimer: the usual
Word count: 500
Note: I made a list of the male chars, to make up random pairings with dice rolls. I rolled Fury out twice and a friend mentioned that she could imagine him wanking in front of the mirror. I couldn’t resist. XD

Some wondered why he had that mirror in his room. Others knew his sense of finery and thought it’s only natural that he wants to see himself from top to toe.

They didn’t know the real reason. How could have they known it...? The quiet, polite, small-framed soldier never took anybody into that room for the night. Nobody saw him when the darkness descended on the city and the stars lit up. The window was open for the summer breeze and the brightly shining halfmoon peeked into the room curiously.

Cain took a shower then walked to the mirror. The snow-white robe slowly slid down from his body, pooling at his ankles. The young soldier stared at his own reflection, examining it thoroughly. What he saw pleased him much. He was small but proportional, and his skin was exceptionally pretty, smooth and silky.

Cain wasn’t wearing his glasses but that was no problem as he could see everything close to him. His gaze wandered lower, to his midsection. He smiled as a pleasant feeling flashed across his groins and sighed softly as his manhood began to gather blood slowly. The shiny head’s tip peeked out and Cain ran a careful fingertip along the shaft teasingly. Then he began to pull back the foreskin with agonizing slowness, the sensation making him gasp.

With half-lidded eyes, he watched his reflection’s slightly flustered face as he curled his fingers around his half-hard member and started to tug on it gently. A soft gasp escaped him and he smiled. “Oh yes,” he breathed, “it feels so nice.”

His free hand’s fingers went to his chest, to tease the rosy nipples. They hardened quickly under the touch and Cain gasped again. His manhood became fully erect, stiff, hot, and throbbing in his grip. “So good!” he breathed and reached down to play with his testicles, rolling the twin orbs gently. The pleasure slowly overwhelmed him, making him forget about everything else aside of his own needs.

The movements gained speed and force. Breathless moans filled the room as the minutes passed. Fury watched his reflection to writhe in the mirror and what he saw only pushed him closer to the orgasm. It built up inside him like a tsunami, threatening Cain with crushing him completely, crumbling away his consciousness. The need was whining inside the small frame. The peak seemed close, so close, yet unreachable.

Finally, he came with a loud, strained moan, his back arching and his eyes fluttering shut from the bliss. His pearly white seed spurted forth and landed on the smooth surface of the mirror.

Fury pressed his palm to the wall to support himself because his knees trembled lightly. His release left him weak but sated and happy. He glanced up and raised his other hand to catch a drop of semen from the chest of his reflection. He tasted it and the slightly bitter aroma felt like the rarest delicacy.

Cain smiled into the mirror. “Thank you my lovely.”

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