Kao-chan (kao_sama) wrote in fm_alchemist,

question about Arakawa

First time making a post !
Sorry if it has already been asked etc XP You surely are the best informed fma community in the world so you can answer my questions XD

1 - does anyone have scans or even a stolen photo or whatever of Hiromu Arakawa's first works ? I'm sure this exist somewhere T_T I've been browsing fullmetal-alchemist forum and someone mentioned he/she has seen it on this forum, but I can't find >_<

2 - In which language is the song Kelas(Let's dance) on the FMA movie ost ? XD Nothing to do with the first question, but I really can't figure out, is it German... or Arabian ? Oo

*edit* answered, it seems to be in "a dialect of Roma and Sinti languages, languages used by the Gypsies" (thx hime1999 ^^)
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