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birthday! Roy! Done!

Yes, well, a few of you may have seen me post the supposed end to this fic a while ago...but alas, I was completely dissatisfied. (Probably spelled that wrong, but hey, it's late...sorry.) AND my SISTER (can ANYONE believe this?!) wanted to help me write an afterword. So she did. And we changed things around a bit in Part Three. THIS IS REALLY THE END. Seriously. No joke. I hope that you all like it!

Disclaimer: If I owned FMA and all the characters that go would know. Trust me.

(This birthday!Roy fic is a yaoi fic! You are warned.)

Prologue: The What-A-Suprise Party
Summary: It's the Colonel's birthday! Where's Ed when you need him?
Info: Rated G,fluff,a dab of angst,EdxRoy

Part One: The Present That Takes The Cake
Summary: Well, Roy gets his present from Ed.:)
Info: Rated R (not worksafe!) for some smuttiness and miniskirts, fluff, smut, a little more angst, EdxRoy

Find them Here!

Part Two: The Icing On The Cake
Summary: *ahem* Icing. Yeah.
Info: Way not worksafe! Lemonish foreplay, mishandling of yummy birthday cake. Smut, angst, fluff. EdxRoy

Part Three: Making Wishes On Burnt Out Candles
Summary: An oober sweet ending.
Info: NOT WORKSAFE, KAY? Smutty smut smutters, fluff, angst, sap. Mild (at least I think so...) bondage. EdxRoy.

(Totally NEW!)
Afterwords: Yeah, You Got Me
Summary: Just a lil' thing that my sister helped me with.
Info: Rated G, fluff. And more fluff.

Read them Here!

And thus ends my first ever smut fic. Please read and review! I <3 comments!

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