[Z] (zyraxus) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Movie Fanart~

Ah, I thought the day might come that I may contribute again. -waves- Hi. I am Zoe, though some might know me as Xaecorus or Chimaera. I lurk too much. :3

What's with the sudden influx of fanart anyway? D:

Character: Envy
Media: Oekaki
Time: 234 mins
Spoilers: Movie, episode 51.

This was spurred on from me wanting to do fanart and something draconic at the same time. So... happy median. Dragon!Envy is hellasekks. DON'T DENY IT.

Anyhow. Comments are obsessively fangirled, and makes Zoe an exceedingly happy Zoe. -flings hearts-

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