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Another one I'm afraid...

I warned you it would only encourage me...

Title: Cold Turkey

Rating:Pg, if only for language, and even that isn't all that bad

Genre: little Havoc love, yo

Pairing: isn't one...just Havoc

Warning: none



Cold turkey my ass, this has absolutely nothing to do with turkey…turkey is much more admirable and desirable than this…hell, anything is more desirable than this…


Havoc continued grumbling to himself while getting a new mug down from the cupboard.  Farman had bet him yesterday that he couldn’t stop smoking even if he wanted to, and being incredibly cocky (as the unsuspecting so often are) Havoc boasted that he was most definitely not addicted, and that he most certainly could stop anytime he wanted.  At which time, with a sickening grin, Farman challenged him to do just that.  Quit.


How was he to know how damned hard it would be?


And so now here he was, sitting in the break-room at headquarters, having just cleaned up the remnants of the mug he had dropped and broken after being startled by a round of firing practice outside.  He had decided the best way to deal with losing the focus of his addiction was to replace it with something new- coffee.  He now had a new mug full of the stuff, so deeply concentrated that he almost need a fork to drink it, and the other half of the sandwich he had been eating when he’d dropped the first mug full. 


He had now gone -*glance at the clock* - an almost full 24 hours without cigarettes.  And he was fine.  Absolutely peachy.  Never better.  He glanced at the clock again.  24 hours and 35 seconds.  36, 37, 38…


This was going to be a very long day.



Another in a series of fireun 's requests.  She left me a list for while she was gone ^_^;;


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