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an attempt at a drabble type thing...

Title: Beauty in the Breakdown

Rating: not sure...PG for implied shonen ai/ yaoi?

Genre: introspective

Pairing: Ed/Roy

Warning: not sure it's any good ^_^;;


On some level, I know it’s wrong that I should want him this way.  I shouldn’t get a thrill every time I see him looking broken, tired and vulnerable.  But I can’t help it.  There’s something about him then, something that people rarely see.  It makes him approachable...makes him human.  And there’s something beautiful, I think, about Roy when he’s like that.  There’s a beauty in the breakdown, something that makes Roy even more special to me when he’s laid open, soul bared, without his trademark smirk to protect him.  Because then he isn’t the Colonel.  He isn’t my superior anymore.  Then he’s just Roy.  A pile of living breathing flesh, just like everyone else.  With the same needs- same desires- as everyone else.  And then he’s not above me anymore and it doesn’t matter.  Because then we’re just Ed and Roy.



fireun  requested it, and here it is...I'm not sure I quite like it...there seems to be something any suggestions (constructive ones anyway) would be much appreciated ^_^;; ...thanks.

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