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Fic: The Day Farman Opened His Eyes

Title: The Day Farman Opened His Eyes
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Pairing: FarmanSheska
Warning: Slight spoilers for episode 37

With a mission to give 2nd Lt. Havoc a girlfriend, one would think, Well, why not get all of your subordinates a girl?. Luckily, Warrant Officer Farman's was right around the corner. In a library.

Right before Armstrong appeared in his sparkling glory, Farman asked Sheska out for a drink. She complied.

After work, Sheska quickly excused herself and ran home to change. They planned to meet at a simple restaurant.

Farman was decked out in a pair of gray pants and a black shirt. Sheska showed up in a soft blue blouse and a green skirt. They greeted each other with a bow, before taking a seat.

They chatted about minor things. How things were doing at work and the like. The food was okay. The two didn't complain. Sheska chatted about the most recent book she was reading and Farman discussed working for Mustang.

As the date ended to a close, Farman walked Sheska back to her apartment. You never know what weirdoes could be out, ready to chop unsuspecting women.

Sheska turned to unlock her door, before turning back and glancing at the floor.

"Thank you for tonight. I had a wonderful time."

"I'm glad you did." A blush fell over both.

"Well, I guess I should be going now..."


Sheska looked up as Farman started to descend down the stairs.

"Um.. Vato..?"

Farman turned. "Yes?"

"Could.. could you show me your eyes?"

The warrant officer smiled and opened his eyes enough for Sheska to see them.

They were a lovely sky blue.

*runs off to try and attempt to write that adopted bunny*

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