Caveat Lector (midnightbanshee) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Caveat Lector

FMA Playstation game title song, Movie OST, Hughes songfile downloads and booklet scans

I know the Movie OST and Hughes songfile have been uploaded, but so far I haven't seen anyone scan the booklets and free sticket that came with them.

In addition, I've uploaded the 3rd FMA PlayStation game title song, along with scans. They can be found in the link below

I thought it was supposed to be released on the 22nd July, but apparently the CD shop said because they pre-ordered the CDs months ago, they had a priority release even though it's not on the official release date. So this means some shops in Hong Kong have priority release, earlier than in Japan.

Anyway, I've uploaded them and scanned the booklet as well:

Please do not redistribute my images. They took a long time to scan. T___T


(Just because I live in HK doesn't mean I can't get CDs earlier than Japan~ XD)

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