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I got a little carried away this time. ^_^;;;

Hughes has the cutest pajamas ever.
Roy laments his lack of screentime.
Hughes is not amused. (Although he really should be.)
At least I'm not the only one who is freaked out by Gluttony!
.....that's gotta hurt.
I hope she tipped the guys at the nail salon.
Ed can never have enough angst!
He's in the red water, Ed, go get him!
If he's in his pajamas, do they have to salute? Answer: yes.
I lied: these pajamas are the cutest.
Everyone put on your shocked face!
I am Daisoto, hear me roar!
Hughes is my hero.
Al is not thinking happy thoughts.
Tucker's making a weird face here, so naturally I took a screencap.
Nice shot of the room.
I have an unreasoning love for Kimbree. It might be because he sort of looks like how I always pictured Sirius Black.
.....only he's more psychotic.
Ed's just running into all sorts of thought to be dead people today.
Okay, I have unreasoning love for Envy, too.
Envy in action!
So, who thinks that Envy doesn't like Ed?
Ed's just having a rough day.
Damn those sympathetic villains!
Ed's bad day just got worse.
And it's not going to get any better.
Come to the dark side, Edward! We have cookies!
Ed needs to sleep.
Envy is unhappy.
Scar, to the rescue! He should have a theme song.
Well, this doesn't look good...
I like Daisoto, but he just shouldn't wear a black bodysuit.
Who the hell is she, besides cool?
....I'll stop taking caps of Kimbree now.
Greed got funky glasses.
Ross gets a page in my cool book.
Uhm, Ed, you're glowing.
Cutest. Hug. Ever.
Pardon my French, but what the FUCK was that all about?
Everyone clap for Armstrong!
We couldn't end it with Ed angsting, so we'll end it with Ed unconscious!

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