owleyes_arisen (owleyes_arisen) wrote in fm_alchemist,

FMA Poem - The Oldest Advice

This idea came to me while I was pondering the truths of Equivalent Exchange. It seems rather like something Izumi-sensi would beat into her students - filled with hidden greif and a truth older then time. Review, please?

Disclaimer - FMA and all the characters of it (alluded to here) are not my property in any way, shape, or form. The poem is, though - so no touchie!
Though I do wish I could own that cute little Elric… (promptly runs from an enraged Full Metal Alchemist, hands over head).
For God's sake, people. Won't you ever review?

The Oldest Advice

There is always a deal. That's the oldest advice.
There is always a cost. There is always a price.
And some fools may talk of “Equivalent Trade”
But there's always a bargain in every plan laid.

So the Wheel now is spinning. Can't say I'm surprised.
For there's some desperate fool with a plan scarce devised
To balance the scales (in their favor, of course)
And to summon the Rider Upon a Bleak Horse.

And wisdom is ancient. So do as you're told.
You bartered for lead but you paid in red gold.
Don't say it's a pleasure, and neither will I -
You turn to your books and I'll turn to my sky.

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