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More Music Videos!

Alrighty, as I mentioned in my last post, I have uploaded Nee's (my sis) AMVs on YSI! Yay!

Here's her AMV profile on the org:


The first is entitled "Piaculum - A Hagaren Trailer" done to trailer music...I think it was Spider Man or something...anyway, the song is apparantly called "Lacrimosa". This one is really amusing, and I believe it is fairly spoiler-free.

Download links:
- (YSI)
- (


The second one (*SPOILERS*) is another Nightwish vid - "Red Sun Rising" done to "Higher than Hope". Nee worked really hard on this one, and the end result was A*M*A*Z*I*N*G. This is my personal fav of her's ^.^ (the filename has XVID written in it...just ignore that ^^; )

Download links:
-  (YSI)
- (

"Piaculum" is encoded in MPEG2, so it may not be compatible with certain computers. "Red Sun Rising" is compressed in MPEG1, so it should play for everybody ^_^

Again, if you would like to download vids from the org, you'll have to become a member :)


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