Kaoru (aiko_yamada) wrote in fm_alchemist,

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Holy Sparkles

In case y'all didn't know yet...

Chris Sabat will be attending AFO this year! *dances* For those that don't do names, he does many incredible voices, including Armstrong! Yay! *tries to surpress urge to sparklefy him*

And for news on the unofficial FMA group gathering, everyone attending AFO that wishes to have a lunch together should attend the restaurant by the pool, I believe it's Gatorville. We'll all chat, eat, and maybe share some crack...err, Al cookies! So come one, come all! Maybe Chris will join us, who knows! *continues her happy dancing*

I will post another reminder and more details on times and location as they may change, but for now look for around 12:00pm for lunch. ^-^

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