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Oh my gawd. ANOTHER flash? ._.

Yo yo yo, all. Haven't been around here in ages- been so distracted by real life and all that I forgot to stop by once in a while and leave a comment D:

Well, to make up for all that, I present you with this-

Yet another FMA-themed flash movie by yours truly. Only this time, instead of being interactive, it's a short animation..



It may burn your eyes to look at the little blob that is supposed to be Ed, but oh well...

This little.. animation thing is based off/inspired by the "Gorilla Bite" (animated short) "Hey! Our Toys Have Arrived!" found on both the Official Gorillaz Website and the DVD "Phase 1: Celebrity Takedown". I managed to stuff that clip in to an swf file since the one on the official site doesn't seem to be working lately, and I don't know how many people out there would actually want to buy the dvd (though it's totally worth it if you like the band :D {/plug}). So anyways, that is here. I take no credit for that animation whatsoever, by the way, so.. yeah.

Right. Well. On to the real reason (I hope o_o) you clicked on this cut.

You can see my crappy little animation with bad perspective, horrid walking animations, and little blob-smileyfaced people right here.

... for some reason this feels really awkward, posting again after all this time >_>

ahaha this whole entry makes absolutely no sense :]

PS- Note to self: Never say "Yo yo yo,all." again.

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