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Velvet Mace

Thought I'd post two of my ongoing fics over here in case anyone is interested. They are both longer fics.

The first is really long but nearly complete:

PAIRING: Al/Winry (chapter 1 on) Roy/Ed (chapter 7 on)
RATED: PG-13 for the most part
WARNINGS: Mild AU, few Spoilers. Torture in some chapters. Shounen-ai. But the actual torture and sex is (for the most part ) off camera.
AUTHORS NOTE: I started this fic when I'd only seen the first 25 episodes of FMA and read none of the manga. Now I've seen all of it, and read some of the manga, so it doesn't completely jive, but oh well.
SUMMARY: Al is flesh, Ed is retired, Roy is in jail, and Winry is in love, and the Military wants to use all of them, willing or not for a dispicable purpose.
( Fake cut to chapters 1-28 )
( Chapter 29 )

Also I'm writing a much more disturbing AU. SQUICKY and dirty.

PAIRINGS: OMG nearly everyone eventually. But so far only Ed, Al, Greed, Roy, Sloth, in various arrangements.
RATED: NC-17 Seriously.
WARNING: Very AU. Non-con, SQUICK, Kinks, Coersion, Angst, Pedophilia, and my god, you name it. This isn't for the faint hearted.
SUMMARY: A letter triggers the military to investigate Greed's crime syndicate. When Roy Mustang poses as a buyer for illegal alchemical arrays, he uncovers a world of decadence and depravity, and two young and brilliant alchemists who desparately want to escape it. (Comes out of the question, what if instead of having Izumi as a teacher, Ed and Al were kidnapped and raised by Greed instead.)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 with PSA

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