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Question on Al.

Where is his point of view? Seriously, this has been bugging me for days on end.

At first, I had thought his view was from his eyes. He turns around to look at people, tilts his head, etc. When he loses his head he seems to have trouble seeing, and blunders around in a cute and Al-ish manner.

Then the Slicer bros came to mind. The lower Slicer had no trouble seeing to hack at Ed, even after he was seperated from his older brother, the head. We see that his array is located in roughly the same place that Al's is. This leads to the question, does he look from his array? o_O

My current theory is that he decides where his point of view is - from any part of his armor that's connected to the part with his seal - but it takes him time to adjust to unfamiliar viewpoints. Perhaps because he's trying to hang onto his humanity, and looking out from the eyes (or what passes for eyes) is a human thing to do?

Yah, anyway. I'd appreciate any clearing up on the subject, or even any theories (crack or not) you might think up. :D

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