scimitarsmile (scimitarsmile) wrote in fm_alchemist,

monday updates - plus more fanart!

Updated several writers, and added a new artist.

Vikki - Secret of the Soul | Therapy
Meg - Change the World
Shi Lin - Temper
Chira - fan art
Spinny Roses - And Return to Nothing, ch 4

Chira and Ruby are both some pretty amazing artists. Ruby's use of color makes me all warm and fuzzy, being so respectful and reminiscent of the original anime/manga style. In contrast, Chira's style of sketchy is light and airy, but deft, adding a gracious touch. Chira also tackles Winly, which is a wonderful thing. The world needs more mechanic geeks!

Still waiting to hear back from some of the other writers I've found, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed they'll drop me a line and say yes. It's really rather amazing, compared to some other fandoms, that this fandom has managed to cultivate a number of talented and promising writers so early on. I'll probably start a recs page tomorrow for on-site stories, if anyone wants to know more about a story before they tackle it.

Still have to do the links pages up the rest of the way, but that's not nearly as pressing, I think.


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