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New Ficcie

Just did a brand new ficcie. Still a work in progress so far and I decided to post it before the movie circulates and the plotline goes completely divergent.

Title: Conservation of Mass
Type: kinda AC
Spoilers: Post series and movie rumors
Pairings: None
Rating: PG 13 at the most
Author's Note: I'm surprised I haven't heard of a story with this twist. Tell me if you've seen one.

The story can be found here:

"Brother, wake up," Edward startled awake, mistaking the small hand of Alphonse for the dark hands reaching out to him.

"What, what, what?," Edward sat up and quickly looked around, frightened. His heartbeat raced and took a few moments to take in the benign rolling green field and the boy sitting next to him in the train.

The rhythmic clack of the train track was lulling and familiar compared to the discordant noise of the engine. It seemed that even in this strange land the construction of train rails was traced back to the grooves of some tin mines in Britain and thus to two back-ends of Roman horses from ancient times.

"You were having the nightmare," Alphonse explained simply. It wasn't A nightmare. It was THE nightmare that Edward had had since he came to this land. Alphonse had gotten used to in the months that he had found his "long lost" brother in the military's hospital. "We're almost to our stop anyway."

Flames and screams were what he remembered best and what punctuated his nightmares. The other images flashed across his consciousness, Edward had convinced himself were products of whatever trauma had brought him here.

Where here was, though, seemed as much a dream as the nightmare and the weeks Alphonse had let him wander around the capitol's library soaking up information as best he could. History, Religion, Science, Alchemy, Biology... To think that the area of human exploration that had shriveled to nothing back home had flourished here.

But that didn't change the fact that he needed to get back to his own home dimension and the people he loved.

"You should have got a haircut while we were in town," Ed mused, walking the dusty road winding up to what appeared to be a farm. The sputter of the jalopy that they had caught a ride with continued on it's journey on the main road.

"Are you going to start this again?," Alphonse said peevishly. Normally, the boy would gleefully try to please Edward but somehow he drew the line there. "Look, we both know that you aren't really my big brother." Alphonse frowned as his knocks went unheard at the front door before directing Edward to follow him to a workshop in the back.

"I'm just saying that you should look presentable when you visit someone." Still, Edward couldn’t help but feel brotherly to the boy who reminded him of how his brother once was. Even if he wasn't this Alphonse's big brother, he was someone's big brother. In fact, Edward couldn't help but lean down and whisper in Al's ear. "Especially since it sounds like you like her."

He pressed the door's buzzer. Even through the thick door, they could hear that the shrill ring was loud enough to be heard over the noise coming from the garage.

"I-I do not!" Alphonse hissed the red blush smeared across his cheeks said otherwise. "And your other self liked-" He was about to childishly defend himself from Ed's teasing when the door swung open.

"Hello. Wha-" The woman stopped mid-sentence. Her blonde tresses were visible out of the back of the kerchief tied around it.

She was a mechanic of some sort from the thick boots and sensible jeans. But Edward could feel a blush spread over his own cheeks as he quickly noted that the young woman was wearing far too little on her torso under the smock and gloves that she was wearing for safety sake. His own eyes politely glued to the tops of his shoes, Edwards wasn't able to see her hands shaking to remove the dark welding goggles from her face, but he could her the shaking of her voice. "Ed, is that you?"

"Ma'am, I'm-" Ed was cutoff by the sensation of being tackled to the ground by said young lady who was a very enthusiastic hugger.

Ed lay for a moment dazed added by the fact that she started to violently shake him demanding answers about his absence. "Where have you been? Don't you know that people were looking for you? If you damaged your automail, I swear I'll-"

"Winry, he isn't our Ed!" Alphonse yelled as he grabbed onto the girl's shoulders.

Ed did his best to sit up with the woman still straddling him and was able to push himself out from under her. As way of explanation, he took off his right glove showing the bumped, pink flesh of a burn victim.

"My name's isn't Edward Elric. It's Edward Heidrich."


BTW I *think* I told the fma_het about the story "Rumors" but not this group. If I have before, then I am sorry.

Title: Rumors
Type: kinda AU
Spoilers: Post series somewhat
Pairings: Royai
Rating: PG 13 at the most
Author's Note: The half done research/inspiration for this piece was vague recollections of Hewingway, Perfect Circles "The Nurse that loved me", and a couple random documentaries that focuses on WWI. Take research where you can get it.

Can be found at here:

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