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Fullmetal Alchemist and the Curse of the Crimson Elixir Spoilers!

I just beat the Fullmetal Alchemist 2 game, and I have decided to put up the story for those who don't wish to rent or buy the game. :D However, do not click the cut if you don't want to know what happens.

Aaaaawright! What a cute little game. This was so much better than Broken Angel. The voice acting is superb- Vic and Aaron and Travis and EVERYBODY....oh, just wonderful. The ultimate added plus in the voice acting was the surprise appearence of John Burgmeier. He is a very talented voice actor who in the game plays the role of Jack Crowley. He's well known for such roles as Kurama in Yu Yu Hakusho and Sohma Shigure from Fruits Basket. Mental image: Crowley singing Shigure's "High School Girls" chant.

The story is still sort of lacking, but it's still better than Broken Angel, as I've said. The biggest problem with this game is how short it is. It's almost annoying. By the end of the game, I was like, "Awwww~! ...GIMMIE MORE!" And, even after the epilogue after the credits (I'll get into this later) you're still craving something...but, I suppose, that is what it means to be a true Fullmetal Alchemist fan. *nodnod*

Anyway, the actual story. The game starts out, as you all know, in Lior. We're almost exactally following the anime/manga, we go through the whole scene where Al breaks the man's radio and fixes it...Lust, alas, is not there...But Tucker's Voice Actor, Chuck Huber, does make a brief appearence. (It's odd to hear him being something that sounds like happy.) Immidiately after that scene, Ed and Al head to the temple and are ambushed by Cultists. My favorite line in this scene? "If beating up psycho cultists is wrong, I don't wanna be right!!!" Even more love to Vic for that line. :D

After that, Rose shows up and tells the guys off- they run off because they don't want a lecture. She takes Ed and Al to the temple, and it sorta-kinda-not-really follows the anime. However, I think it's only in the Manga that Rose is hiding in Al's armor when Ed gets Cornello to admit his wrong-doings, so, +1 for the manga fans!

After that, you fight the lion chimera. (More about this later.) Not different from the anime, you summon a lance from the ground and everything.

Cornello runs off after the fight, and Ed and Al give chase leaving Rose to go through some angst aaaaall alone. We go to an animated cut scene as we come down a hall- we run into a pretty, pale woman dressed in seafoam colors. She gives Ed a ring and I think she says "Stop him..." here, but I forget. Anyway, he looks at the red stone on the ring, and thinks it might be the Philosopher's Stone, turns to question the woman, only to find that she's gone. Throughout this entire scene, I kept thinking, "Hey! Look! It's Princess Leia!" And then imagining her saying to Ed, "Oh, Ed Skywalker! Please, I need your help!"

Anyway, You fight Cornello out on the plaza after that scene, it's not that different from the anime/manga...sure, Ed doesn't transmute a GIANT fist of God, but hey, it's still fun to do. ("C'MON, CORNELLO, REPENT FOR YOUR SINS!" *squaresquarsquarecircle*) Afterwords, Cornello's arm is messed up again, and then, he melts into the ground. Points for originality here, but it does get old by the end of the game. We are introduced to who the guide book dubs "Phantom" and who the game calls "Mysterious Woman". I'll just call her Gollum-chan, because her voice sounds like it was taken from Andy Serkis' mouth and given a feminine tone. She vanishes before Ed gets any answers out of her, and thus, Lior ends.

After this, we divert completely from the anime and have a fun little run-in with some Terrorists in East City. Their leader? Everyone's favorite eye-patch-man- BALD. Who's Bald you ask? Why, Colin Mocherie! *is shot* Bald is the hijacker on the train from Episode five of the anime. The whole plot to this chapter is Ed and Al arrive in East city just to see a car bombing, and then see Bald running off. They find this suspicious, and in classic "C'mon, Al!" style, they give chase. The chapter ends- I'm cutting to this because there is NOTHING interesting that happens in this chapter- with Roy blowing up Bald only after you finish fighting him. Throughout this game, Roy is only SECONDS late from being a real help. I think the line of dialogue that he has is the same that he said to Bald when he burned him on the train platform in Episode five, but I forget.

Anyway, after that, we cut to a serious-and-then-funny cut scene between Roy, Hughes, Ed and Al. It's a relief to hear Hughes again- I'VEMISSEDHIMSOMUCH!- and Sonny's voice is in top form. In this scene, we learn of "Man with Scar", or, as we prefer to call him, Sexy Hobo- I MEAN, Scar. I think it's after we learn about Scar that Roy mentions that he's been getting these ridiculous reports about monsters showing up and people vanishing. Ed explains about Cornello and the mysterious woman and shows Roy the ring.

Roy: "....I'm sorry, but I cannot except a gift like this from another man."

They go into a conversation about why Ed would show Roy a ring- "Oh, who's the lucky lady?!" and then come to the conclusion that Ed is trying to woo Elycia, Hughes' two-year-old daughter.

Al: "Really, Ed. Trying to sweep a girl off her feet by the age of two! You do start young!"
Hughes: *cocks gun* "LET'S BARBEQUE THIS SHRIMP!"
Roy: "And I'll provide the flames."

And after a little more conversation- Havoc comes in and delivers MORE bad news. You're off on a new adventure- Find the Man with a Scar.

Basically, what happens is that Ed had been telling Roy how the colonel owed him one for taking care of the terrorists- Roy repays him by telling him about Tucker, the sewing life alchemist. When you arrive at Tucker's house, Tucker and Nina have both been killed by Scar. [Well, they don't come out and say it, but it's like, 'HELLO~~~ Scar's been here.'] Ed and Al snoop around, winding up in the sewers, killing more of Tucker's chimeras. We find out that Tucker gave Cornello one of his lion Chimeras- it's either the one you fought, or the one you fought was one based off of Tucker's, because his have 100 less HP than Cornello's. You continue through the sewers until you climb up a ladder and come to fight Scar.

What's great about this battle is, if you loose, it doesn't matter- the story will continue. If you are only level fourteen at this point, Scar can kill you in three to four hits. :D Head asplodies for all!

After that, we have what is basically the scene in the anime- Ed and Al get 'sploded and then Roy and everyone shows up. We even have a wonderful little add-on to the dialogue exchange- when Riza calls Roy 'useless', His name in the plate where it normally says "Mustang" changes to "Useless." XD

After this, we move on to Chapter four- We're goin' to Resembool!!

We basically go through everything that happened in the anime, even when Armstrong joined the brothers when they were sparring- except that this is an actual boss battle. Another optional one, win or loose you continiue...but I wanted REVENGE for getting schooled by Armstrong in Broken Angel, so I beat him here. :D Now for Roy.

Anyway, after the fight, there's another short scene and then we go to Ed telling Pinako that he'll be leaving in the morning.

Enter convienient neighbour.

According to convienient neighbour, there are monsters in the hillside caves. Because of what Roy said earlier, Ed and Al go and check it out. Whee, fun, the whole point of this is that at the end, we fight Gollum-chan again, the "Mysterious Woman". After successfully whacking her with a lit stick for about five minutes, we go to an animated cutscene.

Enter Jack Crowley.


I love Crowley. Mainly because if you ad an "A" to his initials, he becomes A.J. Crowley, my favorite character from the book "Good Omens". (When Ed called him a "stupid bastard", I replied, "Stupid Flash Bastard, thank YOU.") Crowley heals Gollum-chan, and then leaves.

And so we have a mystery on our hands- Who is he, and why is he helping out the golems?

The next morning, Ed and Al leave, ending the chapter.

Now we come to the chapter I like to call, "THE ZOMBIES ARE GONNA GET YOU, ED!!"

We return to East City to learn that Havoc was deployed to a town to check out the rumors of vanishing people and all these monsters. We also learn that the town has been ransacked/destroyed. We also learn that Havoc has not been heard from.

Leave it to Team Elric! Well, almost. A lovely Femme Fatale joins your party for this chapter- Riza Hawkeye. It's so cool to see the girl fight!

We arrive at "Bord'Wan, the Dead Villiage" and find that the place has been demolished, pretty much. There are no people...only blood splatters. (And so, I flash back to the Shinra Building in Final Fantasy 7.) You fight your way to the town square to find a giant transmutation circle, splattered in human blood. Then you hear gunshots. Off we go!

You head on to "The Elder's House", which is burning. You find his diary on the front steps. (How'd it get there? ._.) You read through it and find out that someone had been spewing nonsense about monsters a few days ago...and, oh yeah, the last page was stained with blood. How pleasent.

You leave and go to the only other house that seems important- the "secluded house" on the edge of the villiage. You snoop around and find out about the Golems. They were originally created by a king of an ancient civilization. He was trying to revive his Queen.

Huh. Sounds familiar.

Anyway, basically, the city was destroyed in one night- we later find out that the original attempt at the queen golem spazzed and all of the other little golems spazzed with her- killing everything in sight.

After this, we run outside and find Havoc! Yay, Havoc! And an old man who seems to be protecting him from a giant golem. This was the only fight I had trouble with...it might have been because it was four-thirty in the morning, but hey. I was mad at this thing by the end.

We find out after killing the thing that the guy's name is Alren Glostner- he owns the house that you went into. You saw his picture in a diary, but I forgot to mention that earlier~~~

After this, your run into Crowley again. Alren seems to recognize him- he's even on a first name basis. When he yells, "Crowley! It's me!" Crowley says, "You aren't Alren. Alren isn't a bumbling old fool." Or something to that effect. Ed gets pissed off- I forget why, but I think it was because he'd figured out that Crowley had transmuted everyone in town- and rushes him, entering a cool fight sequence that you don't actually have to do!! Wonderful! Sit back and watch the show~!

Crowley vanishes, and we find out that he and Alren were old friends. Remember the old city that went poof? Yeah. They were studying it together. Crowley was learning about the golems and Alren was learning about the cizilization (I hate that word) itself. We learn of the capital, Siam-Sid, where Alren knows Crowley's headed.

So it's off to the "ruins" of Siam-Sid!

We come to a VERY FAMILIAR scene- Ed complaining about walking through the desert. Alren taunts him, saying, "It's only been thirty miles!" There're a few more exchanges, but Riza stops them by pointing out Siam-Sid over the horizon.

When they arrive, it's hardly Ruins. Everything has been restored to what it was originally. Ed tries to talk to one of the villiagers, but doesn't speak their language. We find a transportation transmutation circle (that's a mouthfull) and guess who's on it? Princess Leia! I mean, the pretty girl that gave Ed the ring.

Alren recognizes her immidiatly. When she vanishes, Alren runs onto the platform. Riza gives chase, and then Ed and Al do so as well. After you chase Alren and Hawkeye down, Alren explains that that was Elma (Me: Elmo?!), Crowley's dead girlfriend. Well, she's not so dead. Crowley had been trying to bring her back with the use of Golems, like the king of Siam-Sid before him.

After this, you go on to defeat another boss. This is followed by an animated cutscene, in which Roy, Armstrong and a helluva lot of military boys storm the place and start taking out the golems. (This is a great scene because of Armstrong figuring out ways to pose and attack at the same time.) We head on into the Spire of Lebis, the city's main point and the final chapter of the game.

We enter the spire with Roy, Riza and Armstrong. Roy orders some guards to keep Alren behind so he wouldn't be hurt. After that, the group enters a room with three circles, and R, R, and A step onto them. Ed figures out that they're transportation circles, and while wearing that ring that was given to him by Elma, steps into the circle in the middle. The ring has already been revealed to be a sort of key to the castle...and when he steps into that circle, the other three disappear.

This is the fun part. >D

You have an option of either chasing down Roy, Riza or Armstrong. While the guidebook says that Armstrong will give you the best item in the end, I went with Roy, just because, HELLO, IT'S ROY. You step into the circle and find the Colonel about to blow you up- he saw the circle sparkling and thought that it might have been an enemy.

You fightfightfightfightfightfightfightfightfightfight until you get to the last room, where, after fighting some more, there is a conversation with Roy.

I thought it was cute, so I actually wrote it all down.

R: "Fighting is easy when you know they're not human.... Come on, let's go."
E: "Hey, Colonel...Am I...Am I gonna have to take another person's life?"
R: "You mean Jack Crowley? Remember, you're a dog of the military. You have to live with that risk."
E: "...Of being ordered to kill others. I know- or I thought I knew. I thought I was prepared, but..."
R: "'I can't kill people, that's not what alchemy is for!' Is that what you were going to say?"
E: "..."
R: "I suggest you concentrate on staying alive for now. A moment's hesitation can mean instant death."
E: "..."
R: "It's not that I don't relate to how you feel- but you can't let something so trivial get in your way."
E: "Trivial, huh..."
R: "You're going to regain your bodies, no matter what it takes. Remember, you're the one who said that."
E: "..."
R: "Believe in the path you have chosen. But if it starts to look like you're crossing the line, like Crowley... ...Then I shall take it upon myself to set you straight. Let's go, Fullmetal Alchemist."


This does come up later.

We run into Alren! Yay! He apparently fought off the men that Roy had ordered to keep him from coming in. They had been trying to figure out how to get into the next room, there was no door or anything...Alren tells Roy to go stand watch while he, Ed, and Al figure out the transportation device. They accidentally transport themselves without Roy, leaving him behind, and you with only Alphonse until the end of the game.

We fight Gollum-chan again. :D She starts to grow on you, too. After the fight's over, it is revealed that Gollum-chan is in fact Elma. The body that Crowley had made for her had failed or something and gave her that form. She had no control over her actions. She dies in the room that Crowley made for her... and you leave Alren to angst as you continue on.

We continue on through several more rooms to fight Jack Crowley. Crowley says that he is glad that he got to see Ed again, because they have the same eyes. Al finds this statement odd, but Ed doesn't question it. After we learn how madly in love Crowley is with Elma- he doesn't believe that she can die- Ed gets pissed off and says, "I'm going to keep my promise to Elma!" and FIGHTO! You fight him once as a human, and then, after you beat him, he becomes a golem, and you have to kill him again.

Afterwards, Roy, Riza and Armstrong show up- late, par usual- and are about to start talking when Roy torches something behind Ed. Ed spazzes and yells at the Colonel, before turning around and seeing that a giant blob- what's left of Crowley- is trying to revive again. Ed remembers the giant red stone that he had heard about from Elma, and sets off with Al to find it.

Hahaha. Because you've already beaten the boss, you've got about twenty minutes of movies to watch here. You press the "O" button like, three times. That's all the work you have to do, other than pressing "X" after someone's done speaking. :D

Ed and Al find the stone, and Ed makes a grab for it even after Al cautions him- "It might not be safe!" Ed passes out (while standing up and with a hand on the stone. XD;; ) and we go to something that reeeeally reminds me of Kingdom Hearts. We're in a totally white room, and Ed sees a red floating light. You walk towards it (I'm screaming, "NO ED, STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT!") and it initiates a scene, fully going into the King of Siam-Sid's desperation and love for his queen, trying to revive her, and then the destruction of the city. You repeat this several more times, learning about how Crowley and Alren became friends, how Crowley successfully revived Elma, only to have her turn to mud less than a year later...he did this over and over again, until he finally realized that he would not be able to bring her back at all in his own lifetime. He imprisoned his soul into a Golem, thus giving us our very sexy long haired Crowley that we know so well. The last one that you see is a grouping of the stories...Crowley's, The King's, Ed and Al's...and then, you hear some sweet encouragement from Armstrong, Riza and Roy- Roy says that, "Believe in the path you have chosen. ...Let's go, Fullmetal." line, and then Al says, "Let's go, Brother! We'll get our bodies back!" Or something like that, and then Ed wakes up to hear Al yelling his name.

Alren comes in and shows them how to transmute the stone so it breaks, thus finally putting Crowley to rest. We had seen a mummy in the throne of the old King- Ed and Al originally assumed that it was the King, but it was in fact, Crowley. Alren confirms this.

And then the castle starts to crumble, as does the city. Alren wants to stay behind, claiming he has nothing to live for now that he's served Elma's last wish, but Ed and Al drag him out. We see Elma putting on the ring she had given to Ed- he had dropped it- and leaning on the mummified Crowley, smiling. She fades away. The seemingly last shot is of the boys overlooking the ruins of Siam-Sid.

Credits run. Pretteh ending theme. :D

AFTER THE CREDITS, we see our favorite people! Well, not really. It's a matter of opinion. Someone who's fun to chop, a palmtree and a bottomless pit. Yep! Lust, Envy and Gluttony. They basically say, it's a pity the city is gone, but hey, at least we didn't have to kill "that Romantic, Jack Crowley" ourselves. Lust wasn't happy because he had started to disobey orders.


The epilogue of Ed, Al and Armstrong actually leads into the First game, Broken Angel. Whee! If you look to the right of the screen when Ed's jumping on the train, you see the ever-annoying, ever-recognizeable Genz Bresslau, one of the villians from the first game, who hijacks the train Ed and Al are on. Ed, Al and Armstrong have a short conversation about Crowley and I forget what Ed says, but it causes Armstrong to say, "My, Edward Elric, you seem to have grown during this incident!" and Ed replies with, "Really, do you think I'm taller?!"

Ed looks out the window and sees who he thinks is Crowley and Elma, waving them off, but he does a double take and sees that it's just an ordinary couple.


Oh my god, that took me three hours to write.
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