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Fanfic contest anyone?

Attention, writers! military_nerd fanfic contest!

I’ve been in this fandom for more than a year now and I collected many fanfics and fanarts. Hovewer, as I was browsing my collection lately, I suddenly realized something. You guys forgot about some characters. Since my fave is Fury, I especially concentrated on him and discovered, that there’s barely any material about him on the Net.

In addition, the only FMA char Fury gets paired up with is Havoc. Not that I mind, they really make one of the gosh-damn-cutest couple of the fandom but please, we have so many other stunningly cute/cool male characters! So I decided to hold a contest: the Fury x [insert char here] Fanfiction Challenge. Of course, the challenge is open to anybody, not just the comm members!

Categories: only one this time - slash. (If enough people will bug me, I'll make a het contest later ^^)

Rating restrictions: from PG to NC-17+ (However, PWPs MUST be at least R)

Genre restrictions: Any genre is allowed, ASIDE CRACK/PARODIES. Cracks will be automatically disqualified. Sorry but my stomach is sensitive.

Partner restrictions: This is important! I banned Havoc because of obvious reasons. Using Roy as a partner is slightly discouraged too, because I’ve seen a few sweet RoyFury stories. Envy is an interesting case. Lovesick!Envy stories will be instantly disqualified. If Envy behaves like he should, I’ll read and appreciate your choice. Most encouraged partners: Farman, Dolchet, Ed. Original characters are only accepted if their background is properly explained. In other words, convince me, that your char has a right to live in the FMA world.

Length restrictions: Minimum length is 1000 words. Maximum length is 15 000 words. (that’s about five chapters each with 3000 characters/5 pages) I have to read the entries sometime, you know…

Setting rules: AUs are discouraged, except semi-AUs, where the author sticks to the FMA-world but bends the canon a little. (Read: certain character(s) died/didn’t die, Ed never left Amestris, Al remained a suit of armor and such.) Using the popular AUs like Alter!Series is prohibited. (Please note, that I won’t accept any fics which use my “Ishbal Dreams” or “Mercenaries” settings either.) Crossovers are prohibited. We’re in the FMA fandom.

As this challenge is announced before the “Conqueror of Shambala” movie, I’d like to ask everybody to leave it out of consideration. (That's because I'm sure, many fans won't get to see the movie until this contest is closed.)

Portraying Fury: Remember, he’s not an idiot. Not a girl either. He can be hopelessly gay and sensitive but don’t run into a parody. If you want to portray him as an evil char, who was merely playing the innocent youngster’s role, feel free.

Entry limit: one per author. Co-authoring counts as one.

Beta-ing: As I’m not a native English-speaker, I most probably won’t notice your slips in grammar, unless you messed up something trivial. A beta is not necessary but please, at least spell check the stories twice. Horrid grammar and swarming spelling mistakes will result in disqualification.

Deadline: Contest is closed on the 31st of August. You have plenty of time.

Judging: under 11 entries, I’ll let you vote. Above that, I’m sure that most people won’t read all the stories, so
I’ll ask some of my friends to help me reduce the entries to 10, by selecting the bests. If anybody can come up with a better solution, I’m listening.

Prizes: The winner will receive an award pic, to post it on his userpage/site. I could also draw something if the winner would like that.

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