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Episode 27 and 28 Comparisons are up.

So how'd they do? Well, to be honest, FUNimation is putting me out of work. :P There's really not too much that they've changed in these two episodes, making the wait for more episodes even longer. Means more waiting for me to nitpick. >_> But I can say that these two episodes have passed the test and are under my approval of being uncut and uncensored, as well as being dubbed very well.

Some people complained about Izumi's English dub voice. Personally, I think her voice is very well done. Sure, she's not as forceful as her Japanese seiyuu, but she does still come across as a strict, harsh yet caring teacher and person. Personally, I felt the only voice to really point out was the kid in episode 27. He looked no older than 10 yet had a voice similar to Ed's. o_O; Didn't even bother to make the kid sound like one, either.

But ah well, enjoy.

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