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Random Ed Cosplay pics!

Hi everyone! Y'know, I love cosplaying. Especailly cosplaying Ed. It's the first real good costume I've compelted and I'm damn proud of it! But you wouldn't be able to tell from the amount of pictures of Ed!me on the net... I'm a loser, I still haven't uploaded/posted my Anime North pictures (it was almost two months ago!) but if there's still a desire, I will. One day. Anyways, to tide you over here's some photos from my last Ed photoshoot. I've changed my hairstyle so unless I grow it out or buy a wig, the costume will be retired for now. I'm proud of the pictures I got though. I hope you all enjoy!

At noon on Monday, July 11th, we set off on a magical cosplay adventure! Hurray!

First stop was the graveyard:

This one has 43-44-ish spoilers, but you probably won't get it unless you've seen those eps. I've not posted it, just in case people yell at me.

Image hosted by
Sitting on a tomb! Yay!

Image hosted by
More sitting! Different pose! XD

Image hosted by
Don’t ask why I wrote “Mustang” on the grave stone. I was being morbid and thinking about a fic I want to write about Ed angsting over Roy’s grave. Haha, pretty boring, but I like the idea.

Image hosted by
Yes, Ed has a lot to think about. I just suck at posing.

Image hosted by
Stroke the gravestone. Love the gravestone.

Left the graveyard and moved into the park:
Image hosted by
(insert lameass clappity pose-comment)

And then we walked down the street:
Image hosted by
And Ed finally found the gate… ^^;;

Image hosted by
An early-1900’s-era house downtown that I LOVE! I want to marry this house. Or at least own it. XD

Image hosted by
My house. MINE!

Walking a little farther we found a church:
Image hosted by
Ed sitting on the steps.

Image hosted by
Striking an angstdrama pose!

And then there was crack:
Image hosted by
Ed’s a bit too happy. ^^;

Image hosted by
Yes, I’m sure my ass is SO amusing. ¬.¬

Image hosted by
EdxBear. Mina is convinced that the bear is Envy in disguise. That would explain why he’s trying to cop a feel…

Comments are appreciated and loved. If you happened to see me at AN, drop me a line and we can chat! ^^ <3

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