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Thoughts on upcoming movie release

Hey, everybody!

I just was curious about everyone's feelings about the upcoming movie. It seems as if a lot of fans are really thrilled about the release, but I was interested to see if anyone has the same views on it that I do. I absolutely adore the series up until the last few episodes, and therefore I'm really not looking forward to the movie. In my opinion, it feels like BONES has kind of defiled a beautiful storyline by adding in their own implausible twists. They made a cop-out kind of ending, and it feels like they've dug themselves into holes so deep, that who knows how they'll be able to write their way out again...Well, I think I could rant on for hours about what I don't like about their ending, but I'll spare everyone.. >_>

Now, I'm not trying to pick fights over the movie or the series, but I just wanted to see if anyone either shared my opinion, or has something they'd like to say...Well, discuss, I guess!


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