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OMG - Another Mockulation/Omake

Hey guys. I come to you today not with icons (more will come another day), but with an omake! I have been inspired by usernameraptorix's omakes from the past couple days and decided to make my own. I'm not taking requests like she is, though. I don't have time to make too many of these, and am only making them ay my leisure. Sorry. In any case, I hope you find it funny!

WARNING: Spoilers for Chapter 39 ahead. Although the text is extremely simplified here, what was originally there could be considered quite spoilerish.

I know, it's not entirely different from the original dialouge, but I thought it would be fun to create a version done in under-emoted internet speak. :D Unfortunately, you have to actually know what was originally said there for it to really be funny, so........well, this was just an experiment, after all. I have another one that is just plain random crap in the works, so that one might be more enjoyable for you guys. I hope so. =)

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