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A ficlet.

This is a little something involving one of our favorite little psychos, Barry the Chopper. This is just a thought of why he may have snapped.

Title: The Demon In My Mind
Person(s): Barry the Chopper
Rating: PG-13 for language and violence.

“A demon?” Said he. “I am but the thought that haunts your mind, a plague of ancients buried within your tiny head.”

And to imagine that this thing that made him commit the actions he did was just a thought. No, it couldn’t be a thought. This demon had to be the source of all that petty rage and discontent. That miserable demon that haunted him every night in his sleep and every moment had to be real. Thus he had to tell his wife, his precious little slut who would never shut her precious little cock sucking mouth. Unfortunately she didn’t hold the same views.

Not too long after chopping her up into many happy bits and pieces the blonde decided what fun it’d be to finally listen to this demon. Running his faintly tanned blood covered hand he nodded to himself, blinking his blue-green eyes giddily. Yes, he would listen to the savior that got that bitch to shut up. The demon wanted him to kill more little sluts like her, but he had to blend in. The demon and he didn’t agree on the monster’s point of view. Barry at first found the dress appallingly hideous, but decided that his mission was more important than the comfort of his cock against the material. Sometimes it sucked to be a man who enjoyed going commando on a regular basis.

He found a lovely little wig and trained his voice under the strict instruction of his little demon. Without much time lapsing after his wife’s sudden disappearance (which occasionally the butcher saw fit to rub this into the in-laws’ faces) he was prepared to begin his work. With many ladies he made his art, finding that the mangled bits of human flesh was so much more fun than those of a doe-eyed cow named Bessy. Then the occasion occurred when a small boy around the age of twelve decided to take the Chopper’s Case. Sadly he stopped another masterpiece and committed a tyrannous sin against the man and his demonic companion. Sitting in the interrogation room, Barry found himself quite depressed when these men, like that slut of a wife from before, also disagreed with the prospect of it being a demon. Barry the Chopper then decided that his next masterpiece would be men, starting with that FullMetal kid and his clunking trashcan friend.

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