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Cosplay prop question

Hi, all! I'm in charge of putting together a rather large group of costumes for Otakon, most of which are for FMA characters. But I've run into a bit of a problem in the props department and I've noticed, while looking through some of the recent cosplay posts, that a lot of you out there have had some of the props that I need. Any help at all would be appreciated.

On one of the days I'll be walking around as Envy Gracia, and I've been having a hell of a time finding a good-looking fake hand gun. I've already checked Toys-R-Us and the nearest Wal-Mart to me but I've come up with nothing that looks anywhere close to realistic.

I'm also in need of a nice-sized fake knife for my Martel. We haven't been able to find anything right on that front either.

I would really appreciate any help that I can get on this, since the weapons are all pretty vital to the cosplays. I don't have any problems making the weapons either--I'll be doing that for my Hughes' throwing knife already--so any tips for that would be just as welcome.

Thanks in advance for any help that any of you can give me!


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