Kawaii Dragoness, the Queen of the Obsessed (kawaiimae) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Kawaii Dragoness, the Queen of the Obsessed

People. I am currently having something of an 'artist's block' with my iconing, and this is BAD.

Give me your Fullmetal Alchemist or Ghost in the Shell images (don't just tell me "that scene where" or "that picture in which," because my collection, while good, isn't THAT good.) If you are on my friendslist (not if you have friended me, if I have friended you - completely different things), I'll do something that isn't from either of those for you.

Give me your icon requests by commenting on this post. Only animation if you feel it's TOTALLY TOTALLY necessary, and only simple stuff (no minimovies, for example.) More detailed/specific requests will get higher priority.

Any GitS icons involving Motoko Kusanagi will be posted for iconfiend100 at another point unless you protest otherwise or it has your name on it (and if it does, I may just release the textless, unless you protest otherwise.)

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