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Take these broken wings and learn to fly

Fanfic: "Dancing in the Rain"

Now this is intended to be Elricest, but it's very light, so I would hope it won't offend. =)

Title: Dancing in the Rain
Rating: PG
Pairing: Light Elricest
Spoilers: End of the series
Warnings: Mmm...none, I think
Summary: Edward has always hated the rain...

It was raining that day in Munich, hard and heavy, so that only a brave few ventured out into it. Edward Elric being one of them.

The umbrella was doing very little to keep him dry. Though his head and torso remained relatively safe, his legs were getting increasingly wet with each step he took. He hated the rain, and though he would have rather not ventured out, he had a place to go, a promise to fulfill.

Even as a child he had never been fond of the rain, never liked to venture outside in it. What was the use of getting wet with the risk of becoming sick? His dislike had only increased as he grew older. It had rained the night of the failed transmutation, rained the night Nina had died, rain could have potentially washed away the precious seal tying his brother to the world…

But Al had always loved the rain, something Ed would never really understand. He had come back on more than one occasion soaked to the bone, only to be scolded by their mother. He would laugh sheepishly, but never heed her advice to stay out of the rain. Rain didn’t hold the bitter memories for Al that it did for Ed. He knew Al had missed the feel of rain while he was only a soul in a suit of armor. Al had even expressed his longing to him, on a day long ago.

“Brother…when we get our bodies back to normal, I think I’d like to dance in the rain,” he mumbled this longingly, staring out at the pouring rain.

“Now why would you want to do something like that? After we go through all the trouble of getting you back to normal, you’d waste it on something like rain? You know perfectly well I’d never let you do anything that might get you hurt or sick.”

Al turned to him quickly and Ed could almost
see him scowling, “then will you do it for me?”

“Do what?”

“Dance…in the rain. I bet you’d look beautiful like that, and I could watch.”

Ed quickly faced the other way, trying to hide the furious blush spreading across his cheeks, “who’s the charmingly feminine little girl?”

“I didn’t say that and you know it,” Al muttered with an exasperated sigh.

“Anyway, I won’t, Al. You know perfectly well I hate rain.”

Though he didn’t have a face to frown with or shoulders to slump, Al’s disappointment was painfully clear. A whispered “I see” and his body turned back to the window. No more had ever been said on the matter.

Ed paused a moment, he was already wet, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt if just this once he allowed himself to get carried away with one of Al’s fancies. He dropped the umbrella and shivered instantly. Cold, and hard. It stung his shoulders, and for a moment he regretted his decision. But only for a moment, as it occurred to him that it was almost as if this rain was washing everything away. The sins, the pain, the loneliness…all washing away in the painful, forgiving rain.

If he thought hard enough, wished hard enough, he could hear Al’s voice. Then will you do it for me? Maybe just this once. I bet you’d look beautiful like that. Maybe it was raining in Amestris, as well.

He raised his arms, taking in the feeling for a moment.

“Then, will you dance with me, Al?”

He closed his eyes and began to spin.

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