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Winry Layout

I made a journal layout for Free or Paid accounts :D

Here is a preview of the layout ^^ Ive been using it in my journal and I thought I would share it for anyone to use

Directions On Using The Layout:

1) Copy the code and Go Here then go to Modify Journal and paste the code into the Overrides box

2)Change the all the Page Layout Styles to Tabular Indent (It should also work with Generator)

3)Change the colors to this:

Page background - White
Page text - FF6699
Page link - FF6699
Page visited link - FF6699
Page active link - FF6699
Page emphasized text -FF6699
Page title - FF6699
Weak accent - White
Text on weak accent - FF6699
Strong accent -White
Text on strong accent - FF6699
Stronger accent - White
Text on stronger accent - FF6699

And thats all ^^

I would really appreciate if you could credit me for the layout (Because I made the header and coded it myself!) I cant force anyone to credit me, but please do ^^

If anyone wants, I will take requests for layouts :D

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