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Earrings [One-shot]

Yeah, haven't written in a while... -_-;; Tired...

Lain Blackchurch

Rating: G
Pairing: Edward x Winry (503 I believe?)
Summary: Did anyone notice that Winry didn't get her ears pierced until Edward got his auto-mail? I just thought it was interesting and wanted to share my theory with you all on the reason behind that. (I noticed this after watching the episodes and read the FMA Official Art tidbits on Winry).

When Edward first received his auto-mail from the closest relatives he and Alphonse had left, it was a trying experience for Winry. There was the determined glow in his eyes, the words ‘I’m going to become a dog’ written all over his face, the thin line that was his mouth, everything was absolutely unbearable to deal with. And then… she had to hurt him, hurt her best friend because he said to hurt him, to give him the operation and to take in bloody nerves in her hand and cut the ragged sinew and bone and dead skin, just to allow him to walk.

So much pain was there, his kicking, the sounds of clattering metal as the trays holding medical scissors, a bottle of antibacterial peroxide, and numerous other implements used to attach auto-mail. If Winry remembers the night of the surgery, which without a doubt never leaves her thoughts when she is alone at night, the worst part was drilling into the bone of his shoulder and leg. The monotonous whirring sounds, which came from the drill, were unbearable, and yet Edward did not scream, merely biting his lip until it bled fiercely.

When they had finished connecting the ports to the dead, dry flesh of Edward’s amputated leg and arm, they had one last moment to connect the auto-mail with the current receivers. It was then when he had merely stiffened in pain, not a scream was to have been heard unless the sounds of the medical table moving and jarring violently could be called screaming.

And then…

They had left…

And that was when Winry decided that she would do something about this pain.

She didn't like the fact that Edward had the weight of the guilt and pain on his shoulders...

And so... Winry felt that she would help with the burden, and have some extra pain of her own.

Just for him.

She had gone to her grandmother one night, hands folded across her dress front with a candid smile upon her face. Pinako’s pipe had wavered up and down and finally, she had nodded at the unsaid question. She already knew what Winry wanted most. She sat the young girl down and cut an apple open, straight down the center. She heated a needle until it was red hot upon the stove and shuffled over to where she sat, aligning the apple half and needle so that they met right when she drove the piercing implement through her granddaughter’s ear.

And Winry had not screamed, just for Edward.

That was her first piercing.

Then came the second…

And the third…

And finally the fourth at the tip of her ear.

And when she had visited the two brothers in Central City, she felt Edward push a piece of her blonde hair back and touch her ear, littered with earrings with his metal hand, gentle but strong. “They’re nice,” he said with a smile, and she smiled back.

“Yeah,” she said. “and I didn’t even cry.”

Whoo boy.. -_-;; (I like that face) *runs*

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