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Lexicon update

An update on the FMA Lexicon. For those of you new to it, refer to this for the original post.

The following terms have been defined by me so far:

alchemy: n. the science of transmuting base elements into new base elements. In Fullmetal Alchemist, it is portrayed as the science of creating one thing into another, based on the principle of equivalent exchange.

alchemize: v. to perform any type of alchemic reaction on an object.

Amestris: n. the country in which Fullmetal Alchemist mainly takes place. Seems to be mirror to the an early 20th century Europe, particularly Germany.

array: n. the circle used to perform an alchemic transmutation. See transmutation circle.

automail: n. highly advanced prosthetic limbs composed mainly of steel, with fake nerves that attach to the wearer's real nerves.

caduceus: n. the design seen on the back of Ed's coat, and in various other places on other characters. Composed of a cross with a snake wrapped around it, and a crown with wings hovering above the cross. See flamel.

Central: n. the capitol of Amestris, in a sense. It is the "big city" of the country and the place where all official military action occurs.

chimera: n. an alchemic creation that combines two animals into one. It can also be a human combined with an animal, though that is considered taboo.

equivalent exchange/trade: n. the basic principle of alchemy. One cannot gain without giving something of equal value in return.

flamel: See caduceus.

The Fuhrer: n. the leader of military affairs in Amestris, similar to a general or a president. Literally means "leader" in German.

homunculus: n. the result of a human transmutation, something like a human body with a mind but no feelings, that cannot die again, similar to a doll. Plural, homunculi.

ignition cloth: n. a special type of cloth that creates a spark when rubbed together. Roy Mustang's gloves, which he uses to create fire, are made of this material.

Ishbala: n. the god that the people of Ishbal pray to and worship.

Ishbalan: n. a person from Ishbal who prays to and worships Ishbala.

Ishbal: n. the country in which Ishbalans reside. Similar to our Middle East. Also referred to as Ishval, Ishvar, Ishbar, etc. depending on its reference.

military: n. the armed forces of Amestris.

oruboros: n. tattoos seen on each of the homunculi, ultimately the source of their life and power.

Philosopher's Stone: n. the famed stone which the Elric brothers are in search of. Can supposedly do all things outside of alchemic laws, including all things taboo and ressurecting the dead.

Resembool: n. the town in which the Elric brothers were born and raised. Also the residence of Pinako and Winry Rockbell.

red stone: n. an alternate name for the Philosopher's Stone, usually in reference to a fake or forged stone.

red water: n. water that can be hardened and crystalized to form a red stone, albeit usually a fake one.

Rush Valley: n. the famous city of all things automail. Winry drags the Elric brothers along in episode 26.

taboo: n. any alchemic creation that ignores the laws of alchemy and is considered highly dangerous. Chimeras and human ressurections are examples of this.

transmutation: n. any alchemic reaction in which an array was used.

transmute: v. to perform an alchemic reaction.

transmutation circle: See array.

I decided that I'm not going to use characters for this lexicon. That's what we have character pages and bios for. ^_^

The following definitions I'm either not sure of, or may be incorrect:

red stone
red water

Then again, I'm really not sure about any of the definitions, so kindly look over them and correct me on anything if need be. ^_^

The following terms/places need to be defined, and I'm relying on you guys to do so:

Thirteenth Warehouse
Devil's Nest
East City
Fifth Lab
The Gate

Once again, if you know of any terms/places that are not mentioned above, please mention them now. ^_^ Your input is greatly appreciated on this! Thank you!

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