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FMA Song PV's

when you're an FMA fan, you gotta pay homage and thanks to the people that brought energy to the show... and great music, of course. |3 what better way than to watch their PV's...

** PV = Promotional Videos engineered by music artists to promote their songs, kinda like...exactly like music videos :) they only call it differently in Japan i guess **

i've upped the PV's of some of the OP's and ED's to the show. :)

Porno Graffiti Melissa ( MegaUp | YSI )
Nana Kitade Kesenai Tsumi ( MegaUp | YSI )
L'Arc En Ciel Ready Steady Go ( MegaUp | YSI )
Yellow Generation Tobira No Mukou He ( MegaUp | YSI )
Asian Kung-Fu Generation Rewrite ( MegaUp | YSI )
Cool Joke Undo ( torrent | MegaUp | YSI )
L'Arc En Ciel Link ( MegaUp | YSI1 YSI2 )

it's extremely amusing actually, having to watch and listen to the people who actually sang them, bobbing your head. watching it made me realize again how Afujin and Rewrite are TOO cool, at the same time rediscovering the beauty of rock. |3 (observe the lead singer/rhythm guitar when he strums... and you actually make out the parts he contributes! guess i'm just weird for being overwhelmed with something such as that ^^;) plus! i love how the guitarist of L'Arc En Ciel puffs his smoke. XD Kesenai Tsumi was freaky at first, but i found myself chuckling by the end for some reason. XP and Cool Joke is... Mt. Fuji was distractful.

edit: Lost Heaven PV out yet? also added YSI links to Tobira, Link and Undo

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