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[fic] untitled HP/FMA crossover, part the fourth

Title: untitled HP/FMA crossover, part the fourth: On the Unexpected Side Effects of Inappropriate Hero Worship
Author: Stick Marionette
Rating: PG
Spoilers: whole series for FMA, Chamber of Secrets for Harry Potter
Summary: Alexander Rosier is a good student, but he's also far too curious and likes Professor Elric just a little too much. Harry Potter/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover.
Notes: I'll happily admit that writer's block bit me hard and almost broke me while trying to force this part out, but it's done! One more to go!
Previous parts (in chronological order): On the Strange Hobbies of the Great and Unstable
On the Suitability of Geniuses for Teaching
On the Difficulties Associated With Charming a Snake (written first)

( there were some dedicated students in Professor Elric's sixth year alchemy class... )

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